Video has been dominating marketing for some time now and going live leverages the benefits even further. Live streaming on social media is a fantastic way to stand out from the author crowd and connect with your readers in real time. Social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, reward live streaming with increased visibility. When you go live your followers are notified and your content is organically boosted (on Facebook a live stream is given more time in the newsfeed, on Instagram a live video is highlighted with the stories).

The average adult consumes more than five hours of video per day and over a fifth of that amount is on mobile devices. With live streaming being available on almost every social media platform it’s becoming easier than ever to connect with your followers in real time.

You can now stream video on:
Facebook Live
Twitter Live (via Periscope)
Instagram Live
YouTube Live
and many others

If you are keen on trying out live streaming keep these tips in mind:  

1. Schedule it – Work out what your live stream is going to be about and when is the best time for your target audience. Look at your analytics. On what days and at what times are you getting the highest rates of engagement?

2. Plan it - Make an outline of what you are going to talk about. Make sure you include a brief introduction, the main benefit you want your viewers to gain, your call to action and conclusion. You might want to rehearse it beforehand or have some flashcards on hand. Realize however that it won’t be perfect and you won’t be able to edit out your mistakes. That’s just part of going live, being your own authentic self, mistakes and all.

3. Let your followers know – Give your followers a least a day’s notice prior to your live stream. Make sure to promote it with a catchy title and description that will attract interest and let people know what benefits they will gain from watching. Your live stream subject should pique your readers' interest. Is there something they would like to know more about? Something they are struggling with? Which other posts have achieved a high level of engagement for you? Could you elaborate on these?

4. Make it interactive – One of the main benefits of live streaming is being able to interact with your readers in real time. Acknowledge when people join the broadcast or respond to your questions. Live Streaming is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your readers and get a sense what really interests them. If you get overwhelmed with the amount of interaction, let your followers know that you’ll be answering questions at the end of the broadcast.

5. Sign off – Give a concise summary of the stream to sign off. Thank everyone for watching and let them know how they can find out more, via your website or any other social media. This is also the time to mention your books, current price promotions or your email newsletter.

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