As a writer, you are good at what you do, you write. You like writing, it is a calling rather than a profession. That's why writing an book is so fulfilling. It allows you to do what they love for a long period of time on a topic you know. But after you publish your book on your chosen platform, like Kindle Direct Publishing, wouldn't you love to see that someone is reading what you wrote? Even if you give the book away, you'd love knowing that your work is being seen. And that is where the not-so-fun part of self-publishing for writers comes in -- you need to market your Book.

Some writers never bother to learn how to market their books. They simply go on writing and publishing. Their books are read a little here and there. They hope for more, but never put forth the effort of learning how to market is responding, or even doing the minimum, like letting their family and friends know they've published. Unfortunately, marketing is a new and sometimes scary area for writers. If that sounds like you, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are five free and easy ways writers can market their book:

1. Announce your new book on social media. Let everyone who follows you know that you have a new book and you would appreciate their help to get the word out. One word of caution: be sure your book is available to download before you announce! For instance, it can take up to 72 hours for an book to be ready to sell on Kindle after you upload it.

2. Allow readers to read a sample of your book. Many of the online sellers allow you to give a sample of the book; do it. Put a sample up on your author website there as well, with a link to the page where they can buy the book.

3. Become a part of the writing community. Join every Facebook writer's page and forum as you are physically able to be a part of on a regular basis. Read the rules. Most allow authors to announce when they first publish a book, or when their book goes on sale. You need to be involved with these groups and keep the relations going even when your book is not on sale. It takes time, but when you are involved, these are some of the best places to market your eBook. Make your announcements on those pages.

4. Write a press release and send it out through free press release sites. Do this every time you find a news angle that will benefit your book sales. For instance, do you have an book on omega-3 fatty acids? You should be writing a press release every time there is a new study out about omega-3s. People are able to use these press releases on their sites or print newspapers. This free tip alone has high potential for book sales.

5. Take advantage of Giveaways. If you publish solely through Kindle Direct Publishing, you have the ability to offer your eBook for free five days every three months. Mark those dates and don't forget to set it up. The more books you give away, the better rank you will have on Kindle and the higher you come up in search when the price is back to normal. You can also set up a contest or giveaway on your author's site or blog. This can boost your community and get them talking about your book.

Just like learning all of the ins and outs of writing, you can learn how to market your book. Take it one step at a time and use the above tips to get you started.