Writers now wield more power than ever before.

No longer is publisher approval mandatory or brick and mortar store sales the end game. We’ve entered an era of unprecedented opportunity. Never before has it been possible to get your words in front of so many people, at such low cost, with so few obstacles. 

Savvy writers know that this means being responsible for their success. No longer can writers afford to sit back and expect a publisher to sell their story to the world. To succeed as an author, it's not enough to just be a brilliant writer. What good is your work if no one sees it? You need to spread your writing in the most effective, efficient way possible. 

Smart writers generate publicity, publish their way, launch at the perfect moment, connect with their readers and watch their book sales soar. But what if you don’t know how? What if you don’t know the first place to start? That is where WildMind Creative comes in. 


May your writing flow
Your stories spread like wildfire
Your book sales go viral
And your readers be ever faithful. 

After all, that’s what we're here to help you achieve. 


Who We Are

We're an Australian company that works globally to help authors with their marketing. Our mission is to provide a resource and inspiration hub for authors to help you market and sell your work. We believe good stories should be heard! 

Bonnie Baguley - Founder & Director of WildMind Creative

From the Founder

Hi, I'm Bonnie Baguley. Marketing Consultant and Founder of WildMind Creative. I help authors get their stories out in the world, increase their book sales and connect with readers. 

WildMind Creative was born from the needs of indie authors.  While working in marketing several years ago I attended a workshop on self-publishing. After the event I was swamped by authors asking for help. They had self-published and were finding themselves facing a range of marketing decisions they'd never considered. They were lost, unsure and second-guessing every action. I begun to see that this wasn't a problem unique to this group but rather an industry wide dilemma. 

I built WildMind Creative to teach authors everything I know about book marketing. My goal to help you through the book marketing maze to find and connect with your readers and build a loyal following. So let's get started! 

People can’t read a book if they don’t know it exists. All authors need to do marketing, regardless of how they published.
— Jo Linsdell