At the time I had no idea what bookstagram was, I just wanted to blog and talk about books with people who loved them like I did.

Hot off the press: Our Bookstagram interview with Hopeless Book Lover (aka Giselle Gonzalez). We chat about how to build a bookstagram following, the importance of doing what you love and how authors can work with her.

Heya! My name is Giselle Gonzalez and I’m a recent Boston University graduate, born and raised in Miami, Florida. I love to go on adventures when I’m not snuggled up in bed reading and I’d choose an iced almond latte over pretty much every other drink. I started out in bookstagram over 4 years ago- my sophomore year of high school. At the time I had no idea what bookstagram even was, I just wanted to blog and talk about books with people who loved them like I did.

How would you describe your bookstagram aesthetic?

Clean, bright, everyday content. I include lifestyle and travel photos so my followers can keep up with everything I’m doing even when I’m not reading. I like to put my books in real-life settings and bookstagram has really allowed my photography skills to flourish.

What do you look for in a book? 

I look for a book that evokes FEELING. If a book can make me laugh out loud, cry real tears, and make my heart hurt (in a good or bad way), I will enjoy it. I lean heavily towards romance books but I do occasionally love a good thriller or mystery suspense.

What about a book cover catches your eye?

How much it matches my own aesthetic. Simple yet beautiful is always my favorite type of book cover.

Is there any particular incident that has happened along your bookstagram journey that you’d like to share?  

I was once at a cafe in NYC taking bookstagram photos and someone actually came up to me because they recognized me! That was totally surreal and so freaking cool!

Bookstagram Hopeless Book Lover - Giselle Gonzalez

How did you build your bookstagram following?

It’s honestly been a time thing! I’ve taken the time to create content I love and I hope others love and I’ve reached out to other bookstagramers to establish connections and friendships. I think that’s the best way to build a following. Always be engaging, active and be your unique self!

Any Instagram tips for authors or fellow bookstagrammers that you’d like to share?

Do what you love! If you aren’t loving it, take a step back and reflect. Figure out what makes you happy and do it! 

Any advice for authors wanting to work with the bookstagram community?

My best advice for authors is to put yourself out there and reach out to bookstagramers but also be patient and kind about it. Some Bookstagramers and book bloggers might not have time to work with you (or it might not be their cup of tea) but it never hurts to reach out.

How can authors work with you? 

They can contact me via email at

What has been your favorite read of the year (so far)?

Ahhh I’m gonna have to go with The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang!

You can find out more about Giselle via her website, Instagram and Twitter.