YA fantasy author, Emily R King, was born in Canada but now lives in the Northern Utah where she writes, in between juggling the demands of motherhood.  Her debut novel, The Hundredth Queen releases June 1, 2017 and is the first in a series. Book two, The Fire Queen, releases in September also of this year.

What made you want to be a writer? How did you begin writing?

I began writing with the intent to be published about eight years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties. I have always loved creative writing, and as a young stay-at-home mom, I needed an outlet. Something just for me. Something that would stretch my imagination and talents. Something that would be a challenge. I had no idea when I started how hard getting published would be!

What inspires you to write?

Books, movies, nature, and interactions with others. Sometimes all it takes is a news headline to get my mind spinning.

The Hundredth Queen book cover

Is there any particular incident that has happened along your writing journey that you’d like to share?

As a stay-at-home mom, I had a hard time meeting other writers and craved their solidarity (no one understands a writer like another writer). So I looked up writing blogs and contacted a blogger across the country. She was very kind and convinced me to start my own blog. I met most of my critique partners and beta readers through blogging, many of who I am still friends with today.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

I have lots of advice! First: remember how subjective this field is, but never use another’s subjectivity as a crutch. Second: Listen to critiques, and revise, revise, revise. Third: learn your industry. Research agents and publishers, speak to established authors, attend writers’ conferences, and enter contests. Every word you write, every piece of information you attain, brings you one step closer to becoming a published professional.

Any advice for approaching publishers?

Have a polished manuscript and a killer pitch ready to go. Don’t submit prematurely. Your work is worth the wait.

What do you think is the biggest marketing challenge for new authors?

Organizing their time. Many new authors try to do too much. If you aren’t interested in doing pre-order incentives, don’t. If you don’t have time to read and review someone else’s book, don’t. Manage your time wisely.

What methods of book marketing do you find the most effective? 

One-on-one contact is key. Be it with other authors, readers, or booksellers, personal connections go a long way. Oh, and don’t spam your Twitter/Facebook feed with promotions. One out of every three posts (maximum) should be for marketing yourself. The rest of your posts should be for supporting other authors or interacting with book lovers.

Scene from The Hundredth Queen novel by Emily R King

How do you handle rejection as a writer?

I have a cycle: I get upset, feel hurt, dejected, and then I rally. Call it stubbornness or determination or even thickheadedness, but I try to learn from the rejection and move right along.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with aspiring writers?

Read a lot. And I mean A LOT. Read in and out of your genre. Know what books, plots, and characters are out there. DO NOT WRITE FOR A TREND. If you are so inclined, follow Publishers Weekly for recent book deals. Reading and following forthcoming titles will help you stay current in your genre market.

To purchase The Hundredth Queen series or for more information on Emily's work head to her website