All successful authors do one thing: they write. The more consistently the better. While you don´t have to stick to a daily writing habit to be productive, it certainly helps. Daily writing helps you get in the zone and build momentum. It means you don´t have to waste time reacquainting yourself with your story after a long absence and that you are often mentally brainstorming your book throughout the day. So, if you are a binge writer wanting to give daily writing a try here are 5 sure-fire ways to get started.

Keep your eye on the prize

Having a vision of what you are trying to achieve, whether it is holding your own book in your hands, hitting a target number of sales or simply seeing your name in print, keeps the motivation flowing. Get crystal clear on your writing goals and why you want to start a daily writing habit. When obstacles get in your way draw on this vision to keep going.

5 Proven Ways to Establish a Daily Writing Habit - Infographic by WildMind Creative

Set a Time

Schedule a time and stick with it. Make it important and treat it the same way you would any other commitment. Experiment to find the time of day and setting that works best for you. Where and when are you at your most creative? Many writers swear by putting pen to paper first thing in the morning while others prefer waiting until everyone else is in bed. If you need an alarm or reminder to start writing, set one. Treat this time as non-negotiable sacred writing time.

Be ready

Sit down ready to write. Cut out all distractions, put your phone away and ensure that everything you need is on hand. Having a routine around your writing can help ensure that you take only moments to get in the zone.

Turn Up

You have set aside time to write, stuck with it and yet now you find yourself facing the desk like a prison sentence. At this stage you will turn to anything, even cleaning the stove, to avoid writing. Sit with this discomfort. Tell yourself you will write for a small set-amount of time before you can do something else. Start writing. The feeling will pass, and if it doesn´t you have still made the effort to turn up and get a few words on the page.

Accept that you will have off days

Some writing days are going to more productive than others. On some days the words will flow, on others it´s like trying to cut down a tree with a herring. If you don´t make your word count for a day don´t beat yourself up. Try changing up your routine, set a timer for a writing sprint or do some free writing about anything that comes to mind. Embrace imperfection (it can always be edited out) and accept that you are trying.

A final word

You don´t have to write everyday to be a successful author, you just have to keep writing. It will take time and experimentation to find a writing routine that works for you. There will be off-days, distractions and setbacks. Through it all keep on writing and make those author dreams come true.