You don't have to do it all alone

One-on-One Coaching is for you if: 

  • You know you should be marketing your book but are having trouble committing.
  • You're second-guessing what steps you need to take to grow your author brand and increase readership. 
  • You haven't begun marketing and you're unsure where to start. 
  • You feel lost and frustrated with what you need to do to make a living from your writing. 
  • You want feedback on your current marketing and insight on areas to improve. 

Give yourself the gift of support with 3 months of guidance and action steps to help you develop a clear marketing strategy, reach new readers, stay on track and sell more books. 


Marketing Coaching Includes:

A complete review of your current marketing to gain clarity on your goals and target market insights. 

One 60-minute Skype consultation once a month to guide you through any difficulties and develop a strategy for success.

A weekly email check-in to ensure that you are on-track with your goals and to answer any questions you may have. 

A recording of each of our Skype sessions for future reference. 


Our goal is to put the power of marketing in your hands. 

We aim to provide clear-cut direction on your goals and assist you in establishing systems for on-going success, rather than take over your marketing for you. Effective book marketing is about finding the best fit for your readers. We will work through challenges with you, help you in implementing proven techniques and leverage our knowledge to increase your readership.


3 month minimum




Thank you so much! The Marketing Strategy really is more than I expected and gives me a fabulous list of things to work on, instead of everything being a muddle in my head!

Since meeting with you my Instagram following has increased ten-fold and I have only just started using the techniques that you showed me, so I am sure if I keep at it I'll get more and more.

I'm excited to start implementing the steps that you have set out, Im sure it will make a big difference. Thank you again, I am very pleased with what you have done for me!

Jane D.