Lack of marketing knowledge holding you back? 

Not Anymore. 

For any author getting noticed in the crowd is the biggest challenge. It’s about reaching your target market, showing and proving you’re different and captivating your readers. If readers are unaware of your book, they’ll never make it to the first page.

We work with writers to identify their target market and establish a marketing strategy that increases visibility, awareness and book sales. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach and we work to develop plans to fit specific author needs. Whether you’d just like some assistance so you can continue on your own or you’d prefer to be coached to book sales success we're happy to help. 

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Can't decide your next move? Been promoting your book but disappointed with the results? 

A Marketing Strategy includes a complete review of your book promotions including a one-on-one review of your goals, strengths, weaknesses and key areas needing improvement. The Result? A solid Marketing Plan to improve your book sales. 

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One-on-One Coaching
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Need a more hands-on personalized approach?
Our One-on-One Marketing Coaching for authors is customized specifically for your needs to help you implement the right marketing to build your author brand. Consulting is done through a combination of Skype meetings and email check-ins, with support and guidance in all areas of book marketing, author branding, pre and post launch plans and public relations.